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Achieving the Niger Delta Development Goals Via Digitized Access to Information and Automation of Enterprise Processes.

With over 9,000 Projects cut across 9 states in the Niger Delta Region, the Niger Delta Development Commission sure has a lot to cover. With the mandate to deliver Socio-economic and Infrastructural development for a key region in Nigeria, the NDDC needs to be agile and responsive in other to achieve its goals.

Automating the daily Access and Processing of Over 58,000 Files and Documents across 9 Regional Offices

The NDDC on a daily basis deals with request from thousands of contractors, vendors and suppliers, and with that comes the handling and processing of thousands of files and fulfilling the needs of these vendors. The NDDC PMIS Platform by Southbridge was used to digitize over 58,000 files and documents, this includes digital transformation of some unstructured elements to structured elements allowing for intelligent data processing and indexed search algorithms for easy and intelligent access to the stored information.

The speed at which contractors requests are been processed has a direct bearing on the speed of  project execution. Prior to the PMIS, it took weeks to get physical files for processing, adding to months of the delays in project execution. With the Southbridge PMIS, projects file can be accessed from all 9 states offices of the NDDC to speedily process contractors request and enhance project delivery times. Cloud Platform deployment powered by Microsoft Azure ensures availability, security, speed and compliance across the board

Bringing Contractors, Suppliers and Vendors Closer

The Southbridge PMIS implementation for NDDC has made it possible for contractors to engage with NDDC from any location at any time. This improved communication medium has enhanced contractor to stakeholder communication and has had a bearing in project delivery timelines.

Enhancing Project Monitoring Activities for Quality Assurance

The Niger Delta is a vast region with difficult terrains, so project monitoring can sometimes become a hassle. The PMIS provides NDDC with specific purpose built monitoring tools and a console dedicated to organizing the work that monitoring engineers perform on a daily basis.

These tools help Project Monitoring Engineers better organize their work, document their findings, compare progress, track results as well as collaborate with both the NDDC workforce and the contractors implementing the projects.

The NDDC PMIS has solved 90% of the Issues affecting NDDC today

-Ibim Seminitari Fmr Ag. NDDC Managing Director/ CEO

The Role of the NDDC as regional player is very important to the development and sustainability of the Niger Delta Region. We were pleased to see how well the PMIS worked for this service based organization, as a local Niger Delta Based Company we were so excited that our technology is also contributing in advancing the development of this very special region.